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Accelerated Excellence Consulting is a management consultancy offering a cost effective service tailored to help you address the key issues facing your organisation. Our aim is to provide a customer focused service that meets your every need. Our knowledge and experience of working across all sectors combined with our understanding of business re-engineering processes, enables us to respond quickly and effectively to most situations.

You have found us because you want to make positive changes in your organisation. We can help you to:

  • Identify the big issues affecting your company
  • Harness the talent you already have, and
  • Work more effectively.

Our team consists of:

  • Change management agents
  • Business and life coaches, and
  • Experienced focus group/meeting facilitators.

Our consultants can work alongside your staff to increase your organisation's capacity to achieve sustained improvements.

Accelerated Excellence Consulting is able to prepare and support you through service inspections or Comprehensive Performance Assessments (CPA). Where there is a capacity or resource gap, we can work alongside your staff to implement change so that your organisation benefits from knowledge transfer, increased capacity and sustained improvements.


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